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"The consummation of work lies not only in what we have done,

but who we have become while accomplishing the task"

-- David Whyte

Lawyers are asked to engage and be rational in life's most painful and paradoxical circumstances. We are expected to partition our hearts from our work; but it is not possible.


The truth is, the heart has power that will manifest even if we believe we've blocked its influence. Anxiety, depression, and burnout are signals of misalignment between the lawyer and their authentic self.


If we don't want the heart to take a subversive role in our lives, then we need to find a way to work with it, to harness its power for our own good, the good of those we love, for our clients, and for the world. How can we engage the power of the heart and still be effective lawyers who are credible and successful (professionally, financially, and personally)? 

WholeHearted Lawyer can help you transform the way you practice law. We have walked the path ourselves and can show you how to:

  • align your work with your authentic self and 

  • change how conflict impacts you, your clients, and the world. 

Bringing something of value and meaning into the world is an act of love. Your legal career is an expression of your true self. If you choose, it can be an expression of love.

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